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We fix cracked screens, replace batteries, replace charging ports, data transfer, and fix many other issues!  Most iPhone screens are in stock, and a selection of common Android parts in stock also.  We even have a large selection of cases, screen protectors and chargers.

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217 South Garnett St
Henderson, NC  27536

We’re ready for the holidays!

Based in historic downtown Henderson, NC since 2010, Dataforge covers the region with professional services for home, business, government and non-profits.


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Consumer Repair and Service

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Common phone repairs we perform are to replace phone screen or replace batteries.  We service iPhone and Android phones. We keep most iPhone screens and batteries in stock.

Business Repair and Service

We can install and configure Microsoft Windows Servers, network printers, many different software like Microsoft Office, Office 365, QuickBooks, and antivirus.  Networking with firewalls, routers, switches, Wi-Fi and more!

Website Design

Let us build a website that fits your needs, looks great, and fits your budget, or we’ll get you started so you can build your own!


Web and email hosting plans from shared hosting to dedicated servers with an online control panel.


We can help design and implement a marketing strategy, from traditional print, radio and TV to online advertising with Google, Facebook, and Social Media.

Graphic Design

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Product photography for your on or offline product catalog.  Photos for your website, and staff portraits.


Have a presentation, discussion, or performance to capture? We provide video services and create disk or online based distribution.

VOIP Phones

Voice Over IP service and equipment for businesses looking for a multi-line and feature packed phone system.

Online Backup and Cloud Services

Cloud based online backup for home and business computers.  We can even give you extra network storage space, or provide whole servers and workstations in the cloud!

Managed Service Provider

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217 South Garnett Street
Henderson, NC  27536




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Today one of the repairs was an iPhone 6 screen replacement for their mobile cell phone.
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The below email just came in and I wanted to share it as a good example of Phishing.  Phishing is an email that you receive that tricks you into giving sensitive information like your password, or even bank account info. That looks fairly legit, a user receiving this...
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One of our customers is a locally owned dry cleaner with multiple locations.  Their Google listings were all messed up.  There are 4 locations in the Wake Forest, NC and Youngsville, NC area.  Only 3 locations were even shown by Google.  The phone number to some of...
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Gaming Computer Build

Customer brought in computer parts for us to build. More to come!  


217 South Garnett Street
Henderson, NC  27536
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